Updated: 04.11.2021

IPL Overview

International Produce Limited (IPL) was launched in 2004, and was purchased by Asda in 2009. IPL's purpose is to improve the value, quality and availability of our products whilst also lowering the cost of goods to Asda so they can pass on these savings to customers.

As our remit continued to grow and the diversity of our products evolved, it became increasingly apparent that International Produce Limited no longer encapsulated all that we stood for. And so, in 2013 we changed our name to International Procurement and Logistics Limited.

We source products from all over the world and develop long-term relationships with growers and suppliers. The team work closely with farmers to ensure our products meet customer demands, providing freshness and great quality for the best price. 

Our product portfolio covers a range of products from edible produce, beverages, nuts and dried fruit through to houseplants and flowers and protein.


It is our mission to create a unique supply base capability, which enables us to support Asda’s mission to be the most trusted retailer.